About us

Motorhome, backpack, caravan, the wheels of your bike on the road, the railways – they are all part of going on a discovery tour exploring places, cultures and emotions.


For us, Camping Bellinzona being located where travellers and tourists stop even for a short stay provides an opportunity to exchange views and visions and listen to each other’s stories about travelling. We imagine a place where different cultures meet and get to know each other over food, art, dialogue, silence, wine, and observation.

Bellinzona has always been the crossroads of travellers between North and South, from and to the highway tunnels of St. Gotthard and San Bernardino. We wish the traveller or tourist would leave the busy roads and be moved by our mountains, while walking along the hiking trails leading through the forests to the shepherds on the mountain pasture, or be guided through the Merlot vineyards surrounding our region.

Via San Gottardo 131

CH-6500 Bellinzona


Tel. +41 91 829 11 18

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